LP 26

The LP 26 is a 2-input, 6-output mixer with a high pass filter, compressor/limiter, and 10 band PEQ per output. Presets are loaded within milliseconds.
With the simple use of a laptop ore just spin the wheel and proces your sound as you want it to be.

The Concept Audio LP 26 gives comfort to professional audio processing, making them very suitable for rental   companies, bars, clubs, churches and hotels. the LP 26  features 48kHz sampling rate, a dynamic range of 110dB(A) at the inputs, 114dB (A) at the outputs and a maximum input level of +22dBu.

• 64 bit digital processing
• 100 presets
• Frequency range: 10Hz - 40kHz
• Two balanced inputs (XLR)
• 6 matched-impedance outputs (XLR)
• 10 parametric filters per input and 
• Parametric filters: Bell, High Shelf,
 Low Shelf, Notch, Allpass
• Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley 
 up to 24dB / oct
• Delay: 2sec
• Limiter
• 180° phase
• 16-character LCD display


• Input gain: -48 to +12dB
• Dynamic range on outputs: 114dB
• Nominal input level: +0dBu
• Maximum input level: +23dBu
• Nominal output level: +0dBu
• Maximum output level: +12dBu
• Latency: < 1ms
• Power supply: 220 or 110V AC 
 (internal power supply with toroidal 
• Power consumption: < 15W



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