The Smart 300 is a 16 ohm loudspeaker on a single amp channel there could up to 6 Smart 300 linked true(2,66 Ohm). powering the complete array with one amp is incredible! and makes it very handy for all-round use.

The Concept Audio Smart 300 speaker is special designd for industry midsize venue sound
reinforcement. a single speaker on a stand for small system ore 6 of them for a bigger venue with balcony 
the Smart 300 is the most flexible speaker of them all.


* Worship / Live Music

* Single use

* Array use

* Conferences  

* Corporate Events  

Delay Lines

* Expandable with subs formaing up a powerful front PA

* FOH loudspeaker system

* High-End, Frontfill / Nearfill


RMS power 300 w 16ohm
program power 600 w 16ohm
sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 98 dB
Max. SPL @ 1m 125 dB
Freq. Response (Hz) 65Hz-20 KHz
LF transducer size 2 x 6,5" 
HF transducer size 2"
Coverage angle 90° x 10°


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