I 5

Concept Audio I 5

I 5 

 The Concept Audio I 5 

 is a  100 volt and 8 Ohm cabinet. 

 Made of MDF it’s a real speaker. 

 With the easy switch, voltage can adj ust. 

 The dispersion of the speaker is 

 110° horizontal x 80° vertical. 

 With the I bracket the speaker is 

 placed within minimum of handling 

 The I 5 is available 

 in black and white 


Speaker units: 5”+ 1” 

Rated taps: 3.75/7.5/ 15/30W/8W 

Max Power: 30W 

line voltage: 100V- 8Ohm 

Sensitivity: 88 dB 

Frequency response: 100-20kHz 

Dimensions(mm): A 184*B270*C 182 

Weight: 3kg 


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