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DELTA6.2-DSP Audio Amplifier

The DELTA6.2-DSP amplifier is a high-performance two- channel power amplifier with a built-in DSP loudspeaker management.The integration of Hoellstern's proprietary DSP controller gives the DELTA6.2-DSP amplifier extra benefits over traditional solutions with separate components.Due to the precise and comprehensive Hoellstern® loudspeaker libraries the DELTA6.2-DSP amplifier offers additional benefits as a loudspeaker brand independent solution with a decisive advantage over conventional system components.With their two individual audio inputs and two individual audio outputs Hoellstern® amplifiers are perctly suited for all applications.The high sound quality, the extraordinary flexibility and the great overall quality are lasting guarantors for a future-proof investment which will amortise quickly and make the daily routine of professional sound technicians a lot easier. Hoellstern amplifiers are system.

Hoellstern® Amplifier Technology:

  • 2 individual inputs and 2 outputs
  • Maintenance-free design
  • 0.000 ms latency, ZeroLatency™ technology  
  • Reinforced Neutrik® PowerCON® mains socket
  • Exemplarily load stable high-current audio outputs
  • Reinforced high-current Neutrik® SpeakON® connectors
  • Full-metal Neutrik® XLR sockets and plugs
  • Sturdy, vacuum-cleanable spring steel air filter grids
  • Black powder-coated full-metal housing 
  • 2 x 850 W at 8 ohms
  • 2 x 1.7 kW at 4 ohms 
  • 2 x 3.4 kW at 2 ohms 
  • Comprehensive protective functions
  • All heatsinks screwed to housing for reinforcement
  • Damping factor 1500 at 8 ohms
  • Mechanically protected rotary controls and LEDs
  • Strikingly audiophile, high-resolution, neutral sound  
  • 2 RU housing weighting only 10 kg (22 lbs)
  • Amazingly well-controlled bass response  
  • 2 RU housing of only 29 cm depth (from rack ears)
  • Digitally controlled amplifier setup • Replaceable 2 RU rack ears 
  • Robust RS-485 network (and RS-232 interface)
  • Top-grade temperature-controlled fans
  • Deterministic Hoellstern® network protocol  
  • Front sucking fans
  • Active mains relieving PFC circuit  
  • Top-grade rear-panel switches (ball mechanism)
  • Rugged iCVP® switching power supply technology
  • Safe operation in damp and soiled ambience
  • Intelligent AC mains management for 10 A breaker (B)
  • Permissible start-up temperature -40 °C
  • AC mains voltage from 75 V to 265 V (> 100 VDC)
  • All functions internally controlled by firmware 
  • AC mains frequency between 40 Hz and 100 Hz
  • All technologies successfully introduced since 01 / 2004 
  • Very high overall efficiency
  • Engineered and made in Germany


Hoellstern® DSP Controller Technology:

  • 2 individual inputs
  • Separate peak limiters and true RMS limiters
  • Fully integrated 56-bit DSP controller
  • Forecast™ Limiter
  • True DSP bypass circuit, ZeroLatency™
  • Classic IIR and FIR filtering
  • 0.2 ms latency with active DSP, QuasiAnalog™
  • All IIR filters fully parametric
  • Comprehensive Hoellstern® loudspeaker library
  • DSP hardware integrally melded with amplifier 
  • Free programmability with Konfigurator2
  • All DSP technologies successfully introduced since 2006 
  • Open DSP architecture, Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™
  • Engineered and made in Germany


The Hardware

Since its market launch in 01/2004, the Hoellstern® amplifier platform has been a trend-setting pioneer in the professional sound industry.It's not for nothing that competitors have been trying for years to emulate the technical properties of Hoellstern® amplifiers.With our no-compromise design and an equally uncompromising component selection we combine huge output powers with a high efficiency in a compact two-channel construction. Output currents of up to 80 Apeak and voltages of up to 120 Vpeak add to the load independent, strikingly audiophile and neutral sound: a synonym for Hoellstern® amplifiers.Double output power with halved impedance provides stress-free limiter settings and gives the sound technician at the console a feeling of ultimate control over a PA system.  Setting new standards, all Hoellstern® amplifiers have an active power factor correction (PFC) circuit integrated into their super performance switching power supply. Together with the intelligent software-controlled power management (iCVP®- intelligent Constant Voltage Power),this technology allows huge output powers and a safe operation at surprisingly small mains fusings with 10 A (class B circuit breaker).The broad AC mains input voltage range ensures constant high output powers even with AC mains fluctuations and AC mains frequency variations.For a longterm stressless and maintenance-free operation in rough environments, the electronic modules have been sealed against soil and humidity.A proven cold start temperature of minus 40 °C documents the high quality standard of Hoellstern® amplifiers.In the event of failure, sophisticated protection circuits (LIMIT / LF / HF / TEMP) with intelligent software algorithms will gently limit the hardware without cutting out abruptly.Their high efficiency, relatively moderate heat generation, low heatsink temperatures and outstanding overall quality of workmanship are reflected in high reliability and a long service life.

The DSP Controller

To meet the high demands of Hoellstern® amplifiers, the internal DSP controller is a proprietary development by Hoellstern®. Supported by free programmability of Konfigurator2™ and the extensive manufacturer-independent Hoellstern® loudspeaker library, the 56-bit DSP controller which is fully integrated into the Hoellstern® amplifiers forms  a comprehensive loudspeaker management system. Its contemporary pioneering role makes the Hoellstern® loudspeaker library a true innovation for the professional PA industry. Four individual audio inputs, an extremely short latency of 0.2 ms (7 cm sound path distance, QuasiAnalog™), a high 56-bit DSP computing power and the Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™ architecture allow the successful emulation of all external  controllers and DSP power amplifiers currently available on the market. With 300 DSP memory locations there will always be enough configuration options on hand. Integrated into the amplifiers, the Hoellstern® DSP controller constitutes a manufacturer-independent system solution which allows to handle very economically the most diverse sound reinforcement applications on the highest level.The DSP controller provides all the required elements: Classic IIR filters and FIR filtering plus combinations thereof.  As a novelty the DSP architecture, the DSP resources and the DSP signal flow which are best suited for the individual application and loudspeaker library, are selected over the Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™ per drag and drop for each DSP memory location. The Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™ technology greatly increases your flexibility and provides the perfect solution for every possible sound reinforcement task. The eight digital delay blocks always work separately from the selected DSP architecture. Even with extreme audio signals sophisticated TrueRMS limiters and peak limiters guarantee that the loudspeakers are driven in a safe and reliable way. According to the selected DSP architecture the signal limiters function in an anticipatory manner (Hoellstern® ForecastLimiter™) which produces a pleasant listening effect with high levels. Thanks to the internal DSP controller solution and the Hoellstern® loudspeaker library, an integrative system electronics may be used for all loudspeakers and sound reinforcement applications: the Hoellstern® amplifiers.


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